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Correspondence CoursesFREE by MailPine Bluff /White Hall Area Only
Each course taken through the mail system will come with everything you need, except a Bible. Please follow the instructions carefully. Should you need any help or someone in person to study with, please call (870) 535.5933

We look forward to working with you as you learn more about God’s inspired Word 
(2 Timothy 3:15-17).

Getting to Know Jesus By David Pharr

Twenty lesson course – Lessons:

2.Birth and Early Years
3.The Beginning of Christ’s Minstry 
4.The Master’s Miracles
5.His Power Over Nature
6.Teaching by Parables
7.Preaching the Kingdom
8.Lessons for Living
9.Christ’s Controversies
10.The Praying Christ
11.Personal Interviews
12.His Hard Sayings
13.A Friend of Sinners 
14.Judgment --Hell or Heaven 
15.In the Shadow of the Cross 
16.Arrest and Trials 
17.His Death on the Cross
18.His Resurrection
19.King of Kings, Lord of Lords 
20.Summary & Review
John M. Hurt 8 Lesson Course

# 1 – The Old Testament, 
# 2 – The New Testament, 
# 3 – Rightly Dividing the Word,
# 4 – Faith and Works, 
# 5 – Becoming a Christian,
# 6 – Acceptable Worship,
# 7 – The New Testament Chuch
# 8 – You Can Be Just a Christian..
The Ancient Faith for the Modern World By David Pharr

Twenty-two Lesson Course – Lessons
1.The Word of God, 
2.Christ’s Way Is the Only Way
3.By What Authority?
4.The Two Testaments – Old and New
5.The Beginning at Jerusalem
6.New Testament Conversions Part 1
7.New Testament Conversions Part 2
8.New Testament Conversions Part 3
9.Faith and Works,
10.Faith and Works, continued, 
11.Non-Conversions & Backsliding,
12.The Church in the Bible, 
13.The Church in the Bible, continued, 
14.Worship that Pleases God
15.More Regarding Worship
16.Various Doctrinal Questions
17.Biblical Principles of Morality
18.The Second Coming
19.The Falling Away
20.Restoring New Testament Christianity
21.Then and Now
22.The Way Is Straight and Narrow

Acts of The Apostles By David Pharr

Special emphasis on conversion, the church, and the Holy Spirit

Six Lessons that take you through the book of Acts
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